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    Want an Outfit? [OPEN]


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    Re: Want an Outfit? [OPEN]

    Post  Purplelover12 on Mon Mar 30, 2009 11:46 pm

    Style: Chic,cute kinda girly sometimes,
    Fav. Store: aeropostale, H&M, claires,
    Hated stores: hot topic
    Fav. Colors: Purple, pink, black, red, blue, turqoise, teal, non bright green
    Hates Colors: brown yellow orange bright green
    Clothes/Jewlery/Shoes you love: peace sign jewelry, skinny jeans, converse, flats, vests
    Clothes/Jewlery/Shoes you hate: white pants shorts and skirts, anything with a wild print,
    Dressy or Casual: casual
    Occation: school
    Other: I have a dress code at my school where I have to where a collered shirt, I cant were leggings and the skirts and shorts can't be shorter than my finger tips when my hand are down aganinst my legs.

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    Re: Want an Outfit? [OPEN]

    Post  demmiex22 on Mon Jun 29, 2009 2:14 pm

    Fav. Store:abercrombie,&urban Outfitters
    Hated stores:hhmm. idk haha
    Fav. Colors: blue,pink,yellow
    Hates Colors: red
    Clothes/Jewlery/Shoes you love: i love high heels. I prefer cilver jewelry
    Clothes/Jewlery/Shoes you hate:cowboy boots
    Dressy or Casual: bothh
    Occation:out with friends
    Other:thanks meredith<3& ur really good at this!

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