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    Thing's not To Do At Hogwarts.


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    Thing's not To Do At Hogwarts.

    Post  xxxneondinoxxx on Mon Dec 22, 2008 6:45 pm

    I will not suggest to Filch that he use a Cleaning Spell to clean the mud off the floor. He does not have a sense of humor.

    I will not send flowers to McGonagall and label them 'From Sevs'.
    I will not send flowers to anyone labeled 'From Sevs'.

    I will not tell Dobby that Harry Potter harbors a secret desire to be serenaded with drinking songs as he walks to class. Harry will not appreciate it.
    I will not insist in my divination homeworks that "a dark young man, who dwells in the dephts, is approaching Prof.Trelawney ". This is not in the tealeaves, not in the orb, not even in coffee-grounds. And I will keep the "no flowers from Sevs"-rule in mind...

    I will not point out to Prof. Trelawney that Prof. Snape is suspect of brewing love potions. I will not advise her to take a leave out of Moody´s book and bring her own flask to dinner . (Hey, perhaps that´s why he ... hmmmm ... )

    I will not egg the Weasley twins on to send Prof. Trelawney a daydream with Prof. Snape in it.

    I will not give the Weasley twins the idea to invent daydreams with any Hogwarts teachers in them.

    I will not ask Prof. Snape to create a mixture of herbs for Prof. Trelawney to improve her tea leave reading success rate.
    I will not create avvies that involve engagement rings or hearts that blink so fast, you can't tell what colors thay are. That will attract the wrath of a Death Eater known as Ehtrym, otherwise known as Myrthe.
    I will not allow Dumbledore to watch the Potter Puppet Pals as it will give him "ideas" if you know what I mean.
    I will not push Snape repeatedly while swiftly & repeatedly saying "Bother!"
    I will not tell the house-elves to give Snape burnt food just because he likes black
    I will make Harry watch Wizard Angst, the newest video of the Potter Puppet Pals (currently)
    You are not to tell Hagrid that he has a weight problem and he should stay away from FireWhiskey...

    You are not to tell any of the Weasley you know a really good spell for fixing that awfull hair-collour...

    You are not to tell Professor McGonagle that she shead a lot of cat hair in the Griffindor Common Room

    i have tons more
    i shall post them later

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    Age : 24
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    Re: Thing's not To Do At Hogwarts.

    Post  xxxneondinoxxx on Mon Dec 22, 2008 6:52 pm

    will not tell Dobby that it´s Harry Potter´s dearest wish, that he - Dobby - follows Prof. Snape wherever he goes.
    I will not tell Dobby that this has to be a secret mission and Harry Potter wishes him to disguise as a flower-pot.

    I will not ask Prof.Snape who gave him the begonia. Nor will I ask him how to bewitch a begonia to wander around.

    I will not start rumors that said begonia is in love with Prof.Snape.

    I will not stare beyond Prof. Snape and shout "Beware of the greens" whenever he asks me a question.

    I will not talk my classmates into hiding under the tables whenever I give my warning.

    I will not point out to Prof.Snape that he should switch subjects with Prof.Sprout as he obviously has an affinity with plants.

    I will not tell Harry Potter that Prof.Snape works on a plan to gain world domination by means of an army of pot-plants. I will not express my suspicion that the Dobby-begonia is Snape´s second in command.

    I will not start a chorus for which teachers have mandatory attendance as Snape will get very grumpy.
    I will not ask Snape for his hat with the stuffed vulture for Thanksgiving dinner. It brings back bad memories and it's Turkey for Thanksgiving, not vultures!
    I will not give Flitwick Star Wars merchandise for Chistmas....
    Not even a Princess Leia or Yoda costume.
    I will not tell Fliwick to wear any one of said costumes to the next lesson. The kids might get some "ideas" about his family.

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