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    whats your morning routine?


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    whats your morning routine?

    Post  Meredith on Tue Dec 23, 2008 1:13 am

    during school days whats your morning routine?

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    Re: whats your morning routine?

    Post  Meredith on Tue Dec 23, 2008 1:40 am

    6:50a.m - alarm goes off(the 1st 3 months of school i get up at 6:15 and go for a run with my dog; for the rest of the year i have track training after school and then track.)
    7:00a.m.- finally force myself out of bed
    - brush teeth
    - take shower
    - dry off put on outfit i picked out night before
    - send a pic to my friend says i look great!
    - recieve pic from friend and tell her she looks great!
    - brush, blow dry and do hair
    - put on lipgloss and eye makeup
    - put on jewelry
    - find socks
    - put on shoes
    - go out in kitchen and eat w/e breakfast my mom made
    and watch t.v.
    - grab backpack, jacket, ipod, blackberry, and what ever else i need (usually i have everything together at night so i can just grab it and go)
    8:00a.m.- on my way to school with my mom and brother; i drive (permit- soon i get my license)
    - stop eaither at the corner gas station to get a lo-carb red bull or monster, or go 5 minutes out of the way to starbucks, or to the cafe by my school.
    8:15-8:20- arive at school
    - talk to friends get stuff outta locker for 1st class
    - walk to 1st hour with friends
    8:30- let the school day begin

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    Re: whats your morning routine?

    Post  Ranajet on Tue Dec 23, 2008 2:56 am

    Mine is
    7:00 - Alarm goes off
    7:30 - Read
    8:00 - Drag self out of bed
    8:10 - Find and put on uniform
    8:20 - Do hair
    8:25 - Grab food
    8:30 - Get stuff and go (eat breaky on the way to school)
    8:35/8:40 - Hang out at with friends until bell goes

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    Re: whats your morning routine?

    Post  renn on Tue Dec 23, 2008 7:10 am

    mine is:

    7:00 : woken by father coming home
    7:30 : wake up with alarm
    7:40 : get out of bed
    7:50 : get dressed, do makeup/hair
    7:59 : get stuff together
    8:05 : leave home
    8:05-8:10 : walk to bus stop
    8:15 : get on bus
    8:15-8:50 : bus ride
    8:55 : get school stuff, go to class.

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    Re: whats your morning routine?

    Post  xxxneondinoxxx on Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:08 am

    7:15-get up
    7:20-Get Dressed
    7:30-Brush Teeth
    7:35-Do a couple of streches
    7:40-Go Downstairs and watch TV
    7:45- Run Out The Door To School

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    Re: whats your morning routine?

    Post  lizaustin95 on Tue Dec 23, 2008 10:38 am

    5:30 wake up
    5:35 get in shower
    6:00 get out of shower
    6:05 get dressed
    6:10 go brush my teeth
    6:15 do my hair(blow dry & straighten)
    6:45-6:50 get on the computer
    6:54 leave for school

    (i dont eat breakfast.. and i hate having to leave sooo early.. but i get out at 2:15 so that is super cool!)


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    Re: whats your morning routine?

    Post  SwimmingChick on Tue Dec 23, 2008 3:23 pm

    5:00- Woken up by my mom
    5:01- Climb out of bed
    5:02- Turn on radio to Christmas music
    5:03- Make bed
    5:05- Go down and eat breakfast
    5:20- Go back upstairs
    5:21- Brush teeth and use waterpick
    5:25- Put suit and dragsuit on, then throw on sweats
    5:30- Make sure I have everything ready
    5:32- Grab swim bag and bacpack and head downstairs
    5:35- strech
    5:40- Yell at my dad and tell him i'm going to be late
    5:45- In car and drive to high (It's not my school)
    6:00- At pool
    6:10-7:45- Swimming!
    7:45- get out of pool and head to locker room
    7:50- Jump in shower
    7:55- Get dressed and ready for school
    8:10- Come out of locker and talk to friends
    8:15- We all board the bus
    8:30- Arrive at MY highschool
    8:30- Go to locker with my friend to put swim bag away
    8:35- Head to coachs room where all the swim kids hang out before school
    Talk, Hang out, Eat, Do homework until 9:05
    9:05- Walk with one of my friends to 1st period
    9:15-Let the school day begin!
    Whew! Sleep

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    Re: whats your morning routine?

    Post  XxdaniiixX on Tue Dec 23, 2008 3:47 pm

    5=my alarm goes off
    5:30= i get outa bed
    5:30-6=straighten my hair
    6-6:20= makeup/brush my teeth
    6:20-6:40= i pic out what im gunna wear lol
    6:40-6:55=re-straiten hair
    than i get on the buss lol, i dont eat b-fast =p
    7:20-8:10= talk to friends before school starts
    8:15= school starts =[[ so ill be in nova-net

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    Re: whats your morning routine?

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