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    American Designer Idol Season 1!


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    American Designer Idol Season 1!

    Post  Meredith on Mon Mar 02, 2009 10:44 pm

    American Designer Idol Season 1!

    Want a ticket to New York?
    We are looking for some of the top fashion designers in the country to be the winner of season one American Designer Idol. All you do is post 5-10 of your BEST polyvore sets and then wait for the results.

    +Must be a polyvore set.
    +They must be fashion!
    +The style can be anything that’s fashionishhhh; meaning it CANT be some gothic; scenic; emo; or stuff like Hollister; ae; Abercrombie with the name all over it; THAT’S NOT FASHION TALLENT THROWING TOGETHER SOME JEANS WITH A SHIRT THAT SAYS HOLLISTER ON IT.

    Ready? Go. Tryouts end March 21.

    Ticket to New York:
    Season 1: To Be Determined

    P.S. you do not get a real ticket to NY you just get to be the winner of season 1. Wink

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