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    ***Meredith’s Party Planning!***


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    ***Meredith’s Party Planning!***

    Post  Meredith on Mon Mar 02, 2009 10:55 pm

    Meredith’s Party Planning!
    Get Help From The Party Queen Herself!

    Are you having a party for a special occasion? No need to stress, Meredith‘s Partying Planning is your #1 party planner all you have to do is fill out the application below and leave the rest to me! I will contact within 24 hours and have the party planned within 3 days! It's that easy! (:

    Party Price Limit:
    Number of People:
    Gender&Age of Guests:
    Special Requirements:
    What You Want Me to Include In Your Party Planning Package:
    Anything else in mind already?

    Occasion: Why your having this party.
    Theme: If you have one --I can think of one for you just say so!
    Date: If known--not really needed.
    Colors: If you have a color scheme in mind (if you don’t, don’t answer this part)
    Favorites&Hates: So I know what kind of stuff your into your favorite colors and colors you don’t like and that kind of stuff.
    Number of People: If you don’t know; still tell me approximately how many so I know if your having a small; medium; or large party.
    Gender&Age of Guests: So I know what kind of things to plan.
    Special Requirements: If your have any rules; any places you cant go; things you can/cant have.
    What You Want Me to Include In Your Party Planning Package: What you want me to do for you! Game Ideas; Food Recipies; Invitations Ideas; Theme Idea; Decoration Ideas; Etc.
    Anything in mind already? Have things you would like me to include in your party; and any other comments and concerns.

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